An Exhibition of Hockney’s Grimms

Collaborating with Wales Millenium Centre and Goldmark Art, Beyond the Border begins its celebration of the 200th year anniversary of Grimm’s Fairy Tale with an Exhibition. Considered by the artist to be one of his major successes, David Hockney’s Six Tales from the Brothers Grimm is a collection of prints from the original etchings he created in 1969. The exhibition encapsulates the mood of the original tales and offers the perfect opportunity for you to explore the vivid images close up.  The prints are for sale, so in the year of Hockney’s 75th birthday the exhibition is also your chance to buy a piece of recent British Art History.

Exhibition Open:14 February – 25 March 2012, Wales Millenium Centre (Glanfa Level 1 & 2). Private View: Thursday 16 February 2012, 6.00-8.00pm

WMC Website:
Beyond the Border

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